The SWISS ENGINEERS International Association (Verband ISE STV) is the leading international association for engineers and architects in Switzerland. A total of approx. 900 members have been successfully attracted to ISE STV since its establishment in 2017. Its goal is to foster the exchange between members and to provide a discussion platform for topics related to international engineering, all by being a beacon of positive force nationally and internationally.


Membership in our association is open to all entrepreneurs, executives and employees of companies in all areas of the technology and engineering business in Switzerland and abroad. ISE STV serves as a bridge between local Swiss engineers, Swiss engineers working abroad and foreign engineers working in Switzerland. We join forces in local and international networks across linguistic and cultural boundaries, improve the exchange of knowledge and are a globally recognized Swiss engineering business association.


The added value for ISE STV members:

  1.  Access to the network of engineers and architects organized in ISE STV and external third parties
  2.  Free or discounted training, conferences and debates on international topics and national topics that have either an international impact or are relevant to our foreign engineers
  3.  Offers and discounts presented by companies or/ and organizations to ISE STV
  4.  Possibility to become active and a positive force in the ISE STV board, if desired
  5.  ISE STV representation in international and local events, when board members are not available
  6.  Possibility to work in projects and regional groups, when formed or requested
  7.  If desired, being in a talent pool for companies and/or projects looking for resources
  8.  Collaboration within association Swiss Engineering STV and its sections, professional groups and regions in line with international topics
  9.  Access to related engineering networks
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