Aepsy Implements New Visual Language with Photographer Sandro Baebler

Zurich – The globally active photographer and director Sandro Baebler has captured Aepsy’s new visual language. The revised visual identity of the platform for psychotherapeutic services aims to destigmatize mental health.

Aepsy now offers therapy spots for couples and families in addition to individual therapy on its online platform. According to a press release, there were an average of 70 psychological professionals available without a waiting list daily and at any given time last year. Expanding its services from individuals to couples and families, Aepsy has taken the opportunity to create a new visual identity.

The visual concept was entrusted to the renowned Swiss photographer and director Sandro Baebler, known for his portraits and sports photography, as indicated in the announcement. He frequently captures international celebrities from the entertainment industry for global campaigns, among other subjects. For Aepsy's new visual concept, Baebler captured the beauty of nature in the Swiss Alps. In addition, he photographed amateur models in Zurich, including a pregnant woman, a couple, and a family with a toddler. "Our new visual language focuses on capturing the complexity of the human mind visually," explains Aepsy CEO and co-founder, Adonis Bou Chakra.

Baebler is deeply passionate about the topic of mental health, as he was greatly affected by the mental strains of loved ones during his youth, the photographer expressed in the statement. "I am convinced that Aepsy can contribute to destigmatizing the issue in Switzerland, so that more people can receive the psychological support they need or desire. I am excited to now be a part of Aepsy's journey with my photography," Baebler expressed in the statement.

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