ANYbotics Collaborates with Zollner Electronics to Manufacture Robots

Zurich/Hombrechtikon ZH – ANYbotics is using the manufacturing capacities of Zollner Electronics to scale up production of its four-legged inspection robots. ANYbotics is thus meeting the growing demand from operators of oil rigs, mining and power plants as well as the metal and chemical industries.

ANYbotics scales up production of its four-legged inspection robot for industrial plants to over 1000 units with the help of Zollner Electronics GmbH. With the manufacturing service provider for electronic components such as assemblies and devices, which describes itself as Europe's market leader, ANYbotics is prepared for the rapidly increasing demand from industrial operators such as oil rigs, mining and power plants or plants in the metal and chemical industries, according to a press release. Representatives from both companies also explain this in a video.

From the prototype to the first commercial series, ANYmal was produced at ANYbotics to ensure a close cycle between research & development and operation. According to the spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, the production process was industrialized internally. As the number of ANYmals ordered increased, production was handed over to Zollner.

According to the information provided, the robots are continuously being further developed, new functions are being added and optimizations are being derived from the robots' telemetry data. This poses a particular challenge, as a highly scalable production process must be flexible enough to allow specification changes from batch to batch.

In this partnership, says Zollner's General Manager Switzerland, René Bürkler, "ANYbotics and Zollner meet as equals, exchange expertise and develop solutions together: Zollner specializes in flexible and scalable production, ANYbotics in the development and sale of the robot." ce/mm

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