ANYbotics Cooperates with Cognite

Zurich/Lysaker – ANYbotics is integrating the Cognite DataOps platform from the Norwegian industrial software specialist of the same name into its four-legged inspection robots. The end-to-end robotics solution enables autonomous and remote data capture for assessing the effectiveness of an entire facility.

ANYbotics and the Norwegian company Cognite are working together to offer a comprehensive, integrated robotics inspection solution. This joint solution, called ANYmal~Cognite Data Fusion, improves remote inspections and enables unmanned operations, according to a press release.

The new solution combines the capabilities of the inspection robots ANYmal or ANYmal X with Cognite Data Fusion, the DataOps platform for capturing data in asset-intensive industries. According to Satschin Bansal from ANYbotics, this joint offering from both companies leverages "our core competencies to provide an integrated solution that optimizes industrial operations."

The collection and analysis of real-time data from industrial plants should help to identify problems before they become critical. According to ANYbotics, this reduces inspection costs, increases safety and enables unmanned operation around the clock, even in hazardous environments.

This is done "by connecting ANYmal with other contextualized operational data using Cognite Data Fusion and the ANYmal API," says Cognite's product manager Elias Bjørne. This would enable industrial companies to make better use of their data and robots.

The latest deployment of the ANYmal~Cognite Data Fusion solution took place in the North Sea at Valhall, an oil and gas production platform operated by Aker BP. The deployment demonstrated the benefits of conducting inspections in explosive atmospheres through a digital twin, including the initiation of missions, pauses, investigations, and resumptions. The global market launch is planned for 2024. ce/mm

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