Artificial Intelligence in Education – Legal Best Practices

Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers great potential within education. AI applications enable individualised learning and can provide support to teachers by reducing the burden of repetitive tasks such as correction work. However, there are also various regulatory and ethical challenges. While AI-supported tools are already in use in schools, the legal framework is often insufficiently clear to AI solution providers, teachers and school officials.

The present guidelines provide an overview of legal aspects such as data protection and copyright, for when implementing AI applications. This document was drawn up based on a specific use case during which school pupils used a smartphone scan to automatically correct their handwritten math work and spelling exercises. Whereas these guidelines are based on the legal framework of a state school in the Canton of Zurich, the legal situation is similar in other cantons. The relevant regulations are, however, applied differently from canton to canton. While primarily directed at AI solution providers, these guidelines may also offer helpful insights to school officials as well.

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