Automated Infrastructure Maintenance – Drone Inspections With Image Recognition

The infrastructure maintenance of roads, bridges and dams offers great potential for the use of artificial intelligence (AI). AI-based image recognition can systematically and automatically detect the smallest cracks or damage. Infrastructure operators currently still carry out most inspections manually.

As part of the InnovationSandbox for AI, IBM Research and pixmap gmbh have implemented a pilot project at the military airfield in Dübendorf to assess the potential of AI-based inspections. A drone created high-quality images of the runway in order to automatically detect damage with the help of AI models.

The findings will be used to drive forward the use of AI in the inspection and maintenance of other infrastructure elements. The image material is made available to other innovation players. With this project, the cooperation between the administration, the military, research and the private sector is contributing to the further development of the international AI location in the Zurich metropolitan area.

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