Axelra is one of Europe's leading start-up hubs

Zurich – The IT company Axelra is ranked among the leading start-up hubs in Europe by the Financial Times. According to a ranking by the newspaper, the company, which is also active as a project sponsor, ranks first in the Alpine states of Switzerland and Austria. Axelra ranks 32nd for Europe as a whole.

Axelra, a Zurich-based IT and business development company, is one of the leading start-up hubs in Europe according to a ranking by theFinancial Times. According to a press release, Axelra is ranked first in the Alpine countries of Switzerland and Austria in the ranking initiated by the business newspaper and compiled using Statista methods. The company ranks 32nd in Europe as a whole.

More than 2000 companies and organizations were invited as evaluation criteria to determine leading start-up hubs. Evaluations of 2600 young companies were included in the overall score with a weighting of 85 percent. Statista and the Financial Times ultimately recognized 125 hubs from 21 countries with the highest score as Europe's leading start-up hub in 2024.

The evaluation for Axelra stated that the concept of the Zurich-based company is closely linked to the respective start-up, from idea generation to scaling. According to the press release, splitting the capital equally will allow the start-up company to participate in the profits from the outset and accelerate its path to Series A financing. ce/ww

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