B2B marketplace for food surplus creates basis for Switzerland-wide cycle

40% of all food worldwide is overproduced and ends up as waste. Switzerland wants to halve its share by 2030. The Mehr als zwei association is now creating an important foundation that has been missing in Switzerland until now: a B2B marketplace where producers can record their surpluses and offer them for trade. The Migros Pioneer Fund makes implementation possible.

Processing food surpluses and side streams or preserving them and selling them at a later date: A vision that many in the food industry support is currently only possible with a great deal of additional effort. Until now, there was no simple way to trade surpluses and deficits. The «Mehr als zwei» association has recognized this and is launching the easily accessible B2B marketplace Circunis in spring 2024.

Making food surpluses visible and tradable

The Circunis principle is simple but effective: producers record their surplus food - food processing, system and care catering and wholesalers contact and negotiate directly with the producers if necessary. Companies can also advertise goods they are looking for and approach producers themselves. Circunis serves as a bridge builder and networks the various parties, but does not engage in any trading.

Important step towards a circular economy

The new B2B marketplace creates a basis for establishing a food surplus cycle in Switzerland for the first time. One thing is clear: time is running out until 2030 and a holistic approach requires, above all, cooperation. "Together, we are now getting the ball rolling," co-founder Olivia Menzi is convinced.

A strong funding partner makes the start possible

The B2B marketplace Circunis has already successfully completed a prototype phase in collaboration with various producers, industry organizations and processing companies. Funding from the Migros Pioneer Fund is now enabling the project to be implemented throughout Switzerland. It is intended to contribute to the funding goal of bringing society and the economy closer to net zero and establishing a more responsible use of resources. "Circunis uses a promising lever in the reduction of food waste. Because it starts where food waste begins: at the beginning and in the middle of the supply chain," says Pablo Villars from the Migros Pioneer Fund.

The B2B marketplace will launch in spring 2024. Interested parties can already register at www.circunis.ch Subscribe to updates via newsletter or contact those responsible to get involved.

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