Benetics presents strong growth

Zurich – Zurich-based proptech Benetics has developed software for the coordination of construction projects. Four months after its launch, the digital application is already being used by 25 companies for efficient work on construction sites.

Benetics has developed software that can be used to efficiently coordinate work on construction sites. Since entering the market in October 2023, the Zurich-based proptech has recorded strong growth. According to an article on, 25 companies, mainly from the electrical industry, are already using the digital application from Benetics. Most of these are companies with 10 to 15 employees, while the largest customer has over 100 employees using the software.

"Our app-based tool hardly needs any time for onboarding, makes construction plans digitally usable and, in addition to other functions, has photo documentation of the work carried out and an integrated intelligent translation service," Benetics co-founder and CEO Ferdinand Metzler is quoted as saying in the article. Users can enter texts and voice messages in their native language. They are then automatically translated into the languages used by the other participants.

Benetics is currently supported by 13 people, nine of whom come from the development sector. Many of them, including the other two co-founders Aaron Shon and Johan Tibell, previously worked at Google, according to the article. "With our development team, we are quick to implement customer input," says Metzler. The company also has extensive expertise in big data and artificial intelligence. ce/hs

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