Cargologic modernizes computer for shuttle warehouse

Kloten ZH – Cargologic is upgrading the material flow computer for its automated shuttle warehouse to the latest state of the art using a digital twin. The Swiss air freight handler estimates that this project will take a good year and cost around 1.5 million Swiss francs.

Cargologic modernizes the material flow computer for its automated shuttle warehouse in Kloten during ongoing operations. According to a press release, the subsidiary of the German logistics group Rhenus is investing a good year's time and around 1.5 million Swiss francs in the project.

This is "like open-heart surgery", Marco Gredig, Managing Director of Cargologic, is quoted as saying. "As a result, we can no longer take the system out of operation for testing purposes - a changeover to new software must therefore take place immediately," says Reto Nüesch Erismann, Executive Vice President Technics & Applications. This is to be achieved by means of a complex project for which the Swiss air freight handler has entered into a partnership with the software company LplusR from Parkstein in Bavaria, which specializes in the modernization of high-availability warehouse systems.

The core of the overall package is a digital twin with which LplusR virtualizes and emulates the shuttle warehouse with 8,500 pallet spaces down to the hardware level. "This is the only way we are independent of old documentation and can reliably test the system, minimize risks and guarantee successful, immediate commissioning," explains Gunther Lukas, Managing Director and project manager at LplusR.

Cargologic wants to bring its system landscape up to the state of the art and simplify it. This should further optimize the performance of the overall system, ensure complete transparency across all shipments and offer employees a significantly improved user interface. In addition, mobile devices allow for more efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, which increases the overall reliability of the system. ce/mm

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