Caveo Launches App To Control All Finances

Schlieren ZH – Financial advisor Caveo now offers an app for controlling all finances. This includes pensions, insurance and taxes. There is also a reminder function for important dates and tax advice on a fee basis.

Caveo AG officially launches its app. According to a press release, the financial consultancy, which is described as the first independent, data-driven and automated pension and advisory tech in Switzerland, offers its clients a solution that gives them continuous control over their wealth situation. In addition to pensions and insurance, the Caveo app also offers tax advice on a fee basis.

"The challenges in the insurance and pensions sector are well known," says CEO Philippe Muntwyler, who founded Caveo together with Chantal Heinis Hiroz (CFO). "Two thirds of the population cannot maintain their standard of living after retirement, many are unknowingly taking high risks, while others are overinsured and spend money unnecessarily year after year."

Caveo ensures the selection of the optimal insurance policies with a so-called insur-rating, an automated and data-based insurance comparison that monitors the risks and continuously optimizes the policies.

Caveo continuously optimizes the mix of pension provision, insurance and investments. According to the press release, the app achieves this with an automated consultation process that displays the analysis results within a few minutes. After receiving the financial analysis, a personal consultation appointment can be booked directly via the app to plan the best financial and pension solution together with an independent financial expert. Caveo works with independent, permanently employed financial advisors to ensure that the client's interests are served exclusively. They receive fixed salaries and do not work on a commission basis.

Caveo AG was founded in 2019 and is headquartered in Schlieren. ce/gba

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