CHDU offers more training courses on succession in companies

Zurich – The Swiss umbrella organization for business succession (CHDU) is expanding its range of services and training courses. This is made possible by new partnerships with Tfy and Purpose Switzerland as well as the small farmers’ association.

The Swiss Umbrella Organization for Business Succession (CHDU) has entered into partnerships with three other players in the field of business succession. According to a press release, the aim is to expand its offering for entrepreneurs who want to pass on their company or, conversely, take over a company.

The consulting firm Tfy, based in Arosa GR, supports companies in becoming fit for the future and succession. This includes analysis as well as strategy development in the area of sustainability.

Purpose Switzerland offers both proven and alternative models for solving succession issues. The experts in the network advise on the implementation of a suitable succession solution.

The Smallholders' Association has been offering a contact point for non-family farm succession since 2014. This simplifies the search process both for those who want to sell a farm and for those looking for one.

Together with EXPERTsuisse, the CHDU already offers a series of seminars for consultants who are involved in the succession of companies. An introductory seminar is now followed by three in-depth seminars. The first, on May 22, is dedicated to basic legal tools. This is followed by seminars on communication and on the process of searching for transferees.

The CHDU was founded in 2021. It advocates the appropriate discussion of SME succession in politics and research as well as the professionalization of succession consulting and offers SMEs practical support. ce/stk

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