Circunis creates a cycle for surplus food

Zurich – Circunis has been online since April 23, 2024. On the new B2B marketplace from CEO and co-founder Olivia Menzi, businesses can register their surplus food or search for it specifically. Over 60 tons of fruit, vegetables and pulses were already on offer at the start.

Surplus food can now be traded on Circunis. Farms can offer their surplus produce on the platform or search specifically for the Swiss fruit and vegetables they need. The B2B marketplace of the Zurich-based association Mehr als zwei is the first to create a nationwide basis for ensuring that food remains in the cycle instead of ending up in the bin. In this way, Circunis wants to contribute to the national goal of halving food waste by 2030.

"Most companies want to operate more sustainably," CEO and co-founder Olivia Menzi is quoted as saying in a press release. "Circunis now offers the necessary network - and it's very quick and easy." Initial success stories from the pilot phase have shown that the sale and purchase of surplus food is not only sustainable and therefore sensible, but also economically worthwhile. Circunis cites criteria such as additional revenue instead of disposal costs, freed-up storage space, time savings and attractive purchasing conditions.

The implementation of the project is made possible by the Migros Pioneer Fund and the Seedling Foundation. The annual fee for using the B2B marketplace is based on the company's turnover and starts at CHF 250. New participants receive a 50 percent discount on the first annual fee until the end of September 2024. ce/mm

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