CUTISS presents positive interim analysis of denovoSkin

Schlieren ZH – CUTISS presents a positive interim analysis of the Phase 2 clinical trial with its lead product denovoSkin. The study focuses on diseases that require skin transplants.

The Schlieren-based biotech company CUTISS AG is investigating the efficacy and safety of its denovoSkin skin replacement product in a Phase 2 clinical trial. According to a press release, a positive interim analysis of phase 2 on efficacy in children, adolescents and adults has now been published. The complete data analysis of phase 2 with a follow-up period of one year will be available at the beginning of 2025.

A total of 23 patients are included in the multicenter study. The study focuses on conditions that require skin grafts such as scars, traumatic injuries, congenital defects or surgical excisions and aims to provide solutions to reduce scarring and improve healing outcomes, according to CUTISS.

"These results are a validation of CUTISS' efforts to provide access to denovoSkin beyond burns, improve patient outcomes and change the status quo in skin surgery," Daniela Marino, CEO of CUTISS AG, is quoted as saying.

denovoSkin, as described by CUTISS, is a personalized, bioengineered dermo-epidermal skin graft that is harvested from a small biopsy of the patient's healthy skin and expanded to produce large amounts of new skin. The aim is to significantly reduce the need to remove healthy skin, scarring and the need for subsequent surgical interventions.

CUTISS was founded in 2017 as a spin-off of the University of Zurich and is based at the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich. gba

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