Drop8 and OMD Switzerland launch innovative campaign for McDonald's

Wollerau SZ/Zurich – Drop8 and OMD Switzerland are running a campaign for McDonald’s during all of the national team’s matches at the European Football Championship. Based on real-time data, the time until kick-off as well as the score and final result are dynamically fed into outdoor advertising throughout Switzerland.

The two advertising agencies Drop8 from Wollerau and OMD Switzerland from Zurich have created a new campaign for McDonald's Switzerland. It works with dynamic creative optimization (DCO) for out-of-home advertising on all Swiss national football team match days. The 1CHF hamburger promotion is advertised by McDonald's Switzerland. It is sold for 1 franc on national team match days.

In phase 1, the countdown to kick-off is played in the advertising from midnight. At the heart of the campaign in phase 2 is the real-time integration of the score. After the final whistle, communication was dynamically adapted to the final result in phase 3.

This "technically sophisticated DCO approach" was used for the first time on June 15 during Switzerland's match against Hungary on the screens of the out-of-home advertising company APG/SGA, including at Zurich main station and Lausanne station. To ensure optimum coverage of the campaign, additional premium street and public transport screens were used in the Goldbach Neo network.

In addition, the DCO playout was extended cross-media as large-scale banners on mobile devices and computer desktops. The online advertising media were produced by Drop8 and Seenthis in collaboration with TBWA.

"The implementation of the campaign offers a great opportunity to redefine the boundaries of dynamic advertising," says Fabrice Lalive, Director Innovation & Technology at Drop8. According to the press release, a solution has been developed "in a quartet of OMD Switzerland, Vistar Media, APG and Drop8" that "now enables further innovative outdoor advertising strategies on the screens with the widest reach in Switzerland". ce/mm

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