Dustlight relies on Sensirion

Stäfa ZH/Munich – Latai GmbH has launched a mobile measuring device for particulate matter. Dustlight is equipped with the SEN5x sensor series from Sensirion. This means that high standards can be maintained when monitoring air quality in industrial and manual workplaces.

Munich-based Latai GmbH has added a mobile measuring device for particulate matter to its product range. Dustlight is intended to set new standards in the monitoring of air quality in industrial and manual workplaces, Sensirion explains in a press release. With its SEN5x sensor series, the sensor specialist from Stäfa makes a significant contribution to the particulate matter measuring device.

The sensors equipped with the patented Sheath Flow technology form the heart of Dustlight. "In extensive testing, the SEN5x has demonstrated superior durability and consistent measurements, which are essential for maintaining high-quality standards in air quality monitoring," writes Sensirion. The sensors cover both particulate matter measurements and various air quality parameters such as temperature, humidity, volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides.

On Sensirion's SEN5X platform, users of the sensors can implement customized applications for specific requirements. All the algorithms required for sensor integration and development are also available here. ce/hs

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