Ecospeed Secures Funding for a Growth Leap

Zurich – Ecospeed has gained new investors in a successful financing round. The funds raised will be used by the company for a growth leap. The software for the CO2 footprint of companies and products from Ecospeed is in high demand.

In a recent financing round, Ecospeed has been able to convince several investors of the company's business model, as stated by the Zurich-based company specialized in software for the carbon footprint of businesses and products in a statement. Ecospeed intends to utilize the raised funds for further expansions and meeting the high demand for its software. This demand is currently so high that Ecospeed "can realize a leap in growth", according to the press release.

Christoph Hartmann explains in the press release that several factors are responsible for the strong demand. Specifically, the founder and CEO of Ecospeed highlights the obligation for industry-compliant CO2 accounting, decarbonization strategies in municipalities, and the "encouragingly increasing awareness among all stakeholders that CO2 emissions need to be rapidly and decisively limited". In the market for carbon footprint calculation software, Ecospeed stands out with two decades of experience, realistic computational models, and the user-friendliness of its software, according to Hartmann.

Currently, the company boasts more than 3,000 businesses, municipalities, and public institutions as customers across Europe. In the concluded fiscal year 2023, Ecospeed recorded the largest growth both proportionally and in absolute terms to date. Around 300 new customers are to be acquired in the current year. ce/hs

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