Ecospeed simplifies CO2 balancing for companies

Wallisellen ZH – Ecospeed has made it much easier to record Scope 3 emissions in the latest online version of its business platform. At the touch of a button, it breaks down the 15 categories required by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard for companies’ CSR reporting.

Ecospeed has added a new function to its company-wide CO2 balancing software, which is now available online. The latest Ecospeed Business version enables the calculation of Scope 3 emissions according to the 15 categories of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Standard(GHG). This precise and rather complex recording is required, among other things, by the Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Directive adopted by the EU in December 2022.

In carbon accounting in accordance with the CSR Directive, emissions are divided into three so-called scopes. Scope 1 comprises the company's direct emissions. Scope 2 stands for the indirect emissions resulting from the generation of the required electricity or district heating. Scope 3 includes all other emissions caused by upstream and downstream business activities, such as the transportation of goods or commuting employees.

According to the information provided, clicking on a button is enough to display the Scope 3 emissions. "We have been working on this feature for a long time," Ecospeed's Senior Consultant Dr. Sabine Bödefeld is quoted as saying. "Of course, the user has to prepare and collaborate and enter data. But the software takes care of the GHG-compliant categorization itself." The platform also offers assistance with calculations. ce/mm

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