ETH Launches Master's Program in Space Systems

Zurich – The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) will be offering a degree course in Space Systems from fall 2024. The Master’s degree focuses on commercial space research. ETH expects the demand for such specialists to increase.

Starting from the upcoming winter semester, ETH Zurich will offer a master's program in Space Sciences. The university, which has been active in space research for many years, is thus responding to the wishes of students, but also to the needs of industry, ETH explained in a press release. The new program will provide knowledge on space systems such as launch vehicles, satellites, telescopes, and spacecraft. Additionally, fundamental principles in Earth and planetary sciences as well as astrophysics will be taught.

"The master's program is unique in Europe as it focuses heavily on commercial space research, is consistently interdisciplinary, and at the same time provides the in-depth knowledge in engineering disciplines and natural sciences for which ETH is known," Thomas Zurbuchen is quoted as saying in the announcement. The ETH professor and former NASA research director initiated the Master's program. "The space industry urgently needs individuals who can oversee complex systems and understand the dependencies of subsystems—from propulsion to the navigation of launch vehicles to scientific experiments."

Simon Stähler is responsible for the implementation of the Master. The ETH scientist is himself actively involved in researching Marsquakes. "Access to space is becoming easier, even for commercial players," says Stähler. It is already possible to acquire space on a satellite. So in the future, there will be a need for many more professionals who truly understand space systems." ce/hs

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