Guide Aims to Enhance Circularity in Construction Projects

Zurich – The Madaster Switzerland association and partners have developed a guideline that can be used to measure circularity in construction projects. It is intended to help turn the building stock in Switzerland into a material park.

The Madaster Switzerland association and partners from politics, business and science have developed a guideline that can be used to measure the circularity of construction projects in terms of their material mass, Circular Hub explains in a press release. The knowledge and network platform for circular construction in Switzerland acts as the coordination center for the project Making circularity measurable. The guide "Making circularity measurable: a Swiss circularity indicator" is aimed primarily at planners of construction projects.

"This guideline marks a historic moment for the construction and real estate industry in Switzerland," Patrick Eberhard, President of the Madaster Switzerland association, is quoted as saying in the press release. "For the first time, it offers the possibility of making the circularity of buildings measurable and thus supports the vision of transforming the Swiss building stock into a circular material store." The guidelines can be used both for planning new buildings and for building renovations. In addition to European standards, the specific conditions of the Swiss construction industry are also taken into account.

The guideline provides clients, architects and planning offices with assistance in integrating quantified specifications into the invitation to tender. At a political level, the guidelines should make it possible to quantify targets for the circular economy in the construction sector.

A complete list of the companies and organizations involved in the project can be found in the press release. The guide has already passed its first practical tests in pilot projects. The Madaster platform is used to calculate circularity and evaluate specific object data. ce/hs

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