Haelixa and Trudel Silk Collaborate for Enhanced Transparency

Kemptthal/Kilchberg, ZH – Haelixa and Trudel Silk, a trading house specializing in silk products, have reached an agreement for the traceability and transparency of silk products. Trudel Silk wants to ensure greater sustainability throughout the entire supply chain.

The Haelixa AG, based in Kemptthal and specialized in DNA markers for product tracing, has entered into an agreement with Trudel Silk to enhance transparency in the silk trader's supply chain. The collaboration is intended to enable traceability and transparency at all stages of silk production, according to a press release. This gives consumers the certainty that their products are manufactured in an ethical manner. Trudel wants to successfully complete each phase of the process and present it transparently. All market participants are actively involved. These players include farmers, winders, twisters, weavers, dyers, printers and brands. They are involved in every step, from the cultivation of the mulberry trees to the production of the silk fabrics. The silks selected by Trudel have a specific DNA, which can be tracked and transparently displayed throughout all stages of production and marketing with the help of Haelixa's markers.

"Trudel's partnership with Haelixa is a milestone in our sustainability strategy," said Riccardo Pfenninger-Fabro, President of the Trudel Group, in the press release. "Ensuring complete traceability and transparency along the entire silk production chain is an important requirement for our customers and their consumers."

"The collaboration with Trudel is a significant step forward in terms of the origin of silk," explains Gediminas Mikutis, CTO of Haelixa, "Trudel's deep knowledge of silk value chains and commitment to innovation is driving the future of the silk industry." ce/ww

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