Hi-D Imaging opens Digital Twin Lab

Winterthur – Hi-D Imaging is setting up a Digital Twin Lab at Technopark Winterthur. It is used for clinical research and the development of medical devices and is intended to reduce both time to market and costs for researchers and manufacturers.

With its new Digital Twin Lab at Technopark Winterthur, Hi-D Imaging offers researchers and manufacturers new resources and opportunities for the development of medical devices. According to a company statement, this platform can be used to create precise digital replicas of physical devices and to test and optimize both existing products and prototypes.

According to the company, this innovative approach not only speeds up the development process, but should also ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. This will reduce the time to market as well as the costs. "The integration of digital twin technology facilitates groundbreaking research, supports evidence-based medicine and ultimately improves patient care and outcomes," says Hi-D Imaging.

According to Hi-D Imaging, complex numerical models and interactions can be simulated using 4D hemodynamic analyses. The digital twins provide helpful information on structural heart diseases such as aortic stenosis, endovascular aneurysms, coronary heart disease and cariomyopathy. This is because the platform can be used to extract performance analyses from medical devices, including surgical and mechanical valves, mitral valves, pulmonary valves, stents and catheters. ce/mm

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