HWZ teaches artificial intelligence in the real estate industry

Zurich – The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (HWZ) is introducing a course of study for managers in the real estate sector. The aim is to provide in-service training in data-supported value creation. This should help the sector to catch up in terms of digitalization and artificial intelligence (AI).

The new MAS Digital Real Estate Management HWZ course at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (HWZ) is designed to provide further training in the opportunities that process optimization offers the real estate sector. The in-service training program is aimed at managers and specialists in real estate management.

In a press release, study director Dr. Peter Staub points out that the real estate industry is still lagging behind almost all sectors in terms of digitalization, "in some cases significantly". The entire sector would be "well advised to adapt new technologies now and quickly catch up in terms of digitalization and AI". Otherwise, relevant cost and result optimizations and a clear strategy against the shortage of skilled workers "can hardly be managed anymore".

Artificial intelligence is the key to modernizing the industry, Markus Streckeisen is quoted as saying. He has overall responsibility for real estate products at the HWZ and is head of the existing MAS in Real Estate Management HWZ. "Data management, platform solutions and automation steps reduce running costs and drive innovation", also with regard to sustainability and the circular economy.

The course, which can be booked in three modules, focuses on smart business models, data-based value creation and sustainable lifecycle management. Cooperation with lecturers from universities such as the University of St.Gallen and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich is planned. Start is in September 2024. ce/mm

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