Innovation Park Zurich gets its first new buildings

Dübendorf ZH – The Innovation Park Zurich will begin construction work on its first seven new buildings this year. They are to be built on the apron to the north of the site. The seven projects were selected in a global competition.

The first development stage of the Zurich Innovation Park on the airfield site in Dübendorf is taking shape, the operator announced in a press release. Construction work on a total of seven new buildings on the apron of the site is due to begin this year. The projects were selected from a total of 28 proposals submitted last year in a global architectural competition.

The selected projects were developed by the architecture firms E2A, Roger Boltshauser, Mulder Zonderland and TEN from Zurich as well as Muoto from Paris and 3XN from Copenhagen. According to current plans, around 24 percent of the total floor space will be divided between offices, 8 percent between laboratories and 12 percent between production areas, for example for the manufacture of prototypes. A further 36 percent is planned as flexible space for various uses. In addition, areas for supply, services and research-related living are to be created. Gastronomy, leisure and shopping facilities are also planned.

With its own development, the Innovation Park Zurich aims to set an example of innovative urban development and sustainability. "Accordingly, special building typologies are being developed that can be used sustainably over long periods of time thanks to their flexibility and modularity and have a significantly reduced ecological footprint thanks to the use of new technologies," the press release states. Plans include the installation of an anergy grid and large solar installations on roofs and facades. ce/hs

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