InSphero joins forces with Genome Biologics

Schlieren ZH/Frankfurt – The biotech company InSphero has signed an agreement with Genome Biologics to commercialize the 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform. The platform is a leader in research into heart disease.

The biotech company InSphero, based in Schlieren, has agreed a partnership with the Frankfurt-based company Genome Biologics. According to a press release, InSphero has been granted exclusive worldwide rights to commercialize the 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform from Genome Biologics. This platform is at the forefront of heart disease research and offers precise, scalable and disease-specific organoid models for the development of new therapeutics.

Organoids are increasingly being used in biomedical research. These are organ-like structures produced in the laboratory that are only a few millimeters in size. Organoids can be used to study life processes and the effect of drugs. As they are very similar to real organs, they offer advantages over other cell cultures. Researchers can observe the heart and diseases in new ways, enabling faster and more accurate development of cardiac therapeutics.

"By combining our expertise in organoid technology with the strong  commercial capabilities of InSphero, we are setting a new standard in the predictive accuracy of preclinical models for heart disease," said Professor Jaya Krishnan, co-founder of Genome Biologics.

Filip Henzler, CFO of InSphero, sees the partnership as a decisive moment. "The 3D Cardiac Organoid Platform not only complements our existing product range, but also strengthens our market position as a provider of innovative solutions for complex biological modeling from a single source," says Henzler.

InSphero is a spin-off from the University of Zurich(UZH) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich(ETH), based in the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich. ce/gba 

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