Juice Equips Charging Station With Payment Terminal From Wallee

Bachenbülach ZH/Winterthur – Juice is equipping its Juice Charge me 3 charging station with the Wallee payment system. Electric car users can pay with credit and debit cards as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Twint. The charging station can also be used by commercial providers.

Juice Technology AG and the Wallee Group AG in Winterthur want to simplify the charging of electric cars. The Bachenbülach-based manufacturer of charging stations and software is equipping its Juice Charger me 3 charging station with the payment terminal from the Winterthur-based payment service provider. In future, thanks to the Wallee terminal, users will be able to pay with credit and debit cards, but also contactless with Apple Pay and Google Pay or Twint. This should make other charging cards superfluous and lead to fairer tariffs, as fewer parties are involved in the earnings, according to a press release.

"As a partner who, like Juice, comes from the canton of Zurich, we offer the perfect complement for Juice charging stations," said Sascha Krüsi, CXO and co-founder of Wallee, in the press release. Christoph Erni, CEO and founder of Juice, sees the future of e-mobility in the combination of innovative technology and trustworthy payment services.

The charging station can also be used by commercial providers. For example, restaurants, hotels, retailers or companies with company parking lots could become providers of the stations. The Juice and Wallee system is already in use in Laax GR and the Riedmatt Center in Rümlang ZH.

The Juice Charger me 3 is compatible with all e-cars. ce/js

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