Klepsydra AI launches new software for ESA projects

Volketswil ZH – The software company Klepsydra AI is launching new software for robust processors. The programs supported by artificial intelligence are planned for use by the European Space Agency ESA.

The software company Klepsydra AI from Volketswil has presented a further development of its on-board software supported by artificial intelligence (AI). It offers real-time processing for symmetric multiprocessor activities and can be used in robust systems such as in space conditions, according to a press release. The new RTEMS-6-SMP technology enables simultaneous data access with improved synchronization, improved order processing, efficient interrupt management and high data security during storage.

The new on-board AI has been tested on various deep neural network (DNN) models and computer architectures, according to the press release. For example, the software can be ported to the GR740 space-qualified microprocessors from the Swedish manufacturer Frontgrade Gaisler. Tests in collaboration with ESA have shown that porting the RTEM 6 SMP to ZedBoards results in a 10 percent improvement in benchmark processing compared to previously used systems.

Artificial intelligence algorithms can enhance the versatility of these microprocessors and enable a wide range of AI-driven tasks in space, including remote sensing, Earth observation, data analysis, autonomous decision making and anomaly detection. ce/ww

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