Knonauer Amt receives the regio.garantie seal of quality

Location promotion has genuine regional products certified.

For the first time, products from Knonauer Amt with the regio.garantie seal of quality will be on sale at the spring market on the Weisbroda site in Hausen am Albis on Saturday, April 13. The new regional brand is intended to give Säuliämtl products the higher appreciation and recognition they deserve - initially within the region, but later beyond.

The first 90 or so certified products are from farm stores, i.e. from direct agricultural marketing: the range extends from jams and syrups and preserves to soups and fruit snacks, Mostbröckli and lamb to cider, beer and schnapps - as well as non-food products such as sheep's wool comforters. But this is just the beginning. Further producers and products are to be included.

Also an instrument for regional marketing

To be awarded the regio.garantie seal of quality, a product must be 100 percent regional or - if it is a composite product - the main ingredient must be completely regional and at least 80 percent of all ingredients must be regional. This is checked by an external auditor.

Genuine regional products have the advantage that they have short distances, the added value remains in the region and you know where they come from. And they are simply unique due to their regional originality.

This is why the commitment of the location promotion agency is more than just support for direct marketing agriculture. Because: "Regional products make the region perceptible in a sensual and enjoyable way. This contributes to the identity of the region as a whole. Regional products are actually also an instrument for regional marketing," says location promoter Johannes Bartels, explaining the step towards the regio.garantie award.

Growing interest in regional products

With the launch of the regional brand, Knonauer Amt is jumping on a promising trend. The latest "Regional Products 2024" study by the Zurich School of Business shows that regional products are now "the most attractive value-added products" and that 71% of consumers already buy regional products every week. "Interest in regional products with the regio.garantie label is growing in all channels, from direct marketing to restaurants and fast food outlets to wholesalers," says Manfred Bötsch, President of the Swiss Regional Products Association and guest speaker at last year's Knonauer Amt location promotion spring meeting.

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