Kompotoi receives Swiss Ethics Award

Winterthur – Kompotoi, manufacturer and distributor of mobile composting toilets, is one of this year’s winners of the Swiss Ethics Prize awarded by the School of Business and Engineering of the Canton of Vaud. The prize was awarded for the company’s ecological commitment.

Kompotoi, the Winterthur-based manufacturer and distributor of portable composting toilets, has been awarded one of this year's Swiss Ethics Prizes by the School of Economics and Engineering of the Canton of Vaud(HEIG-VD). According to a press release, the jury found the company's ecological commitment to closing the field - plate - toilet - field cycle by processing human excrement hygienically and safely into fertilizer and compost worthy of an award.

The idea behind the composting toilet developed by company co-founder Jonas Casanova in 2012 is to use wooden toilets instead of the plastic chemical toilets commonly used at events, which convert human waste into compost using litter. More than 700 Kompotois are currently in use in Switzerland. In addition to renting and selling composting toilets, Kompotoi is committed to establishing sustainable sanitary systems with the founding of the VaLoo association in 2022.

The HEIG-VD Ethics Prize was awarded for the 19th time in 2024 for sustainable and socially responsible business practices. Kompotoi is one of this year's four award winners. Panatere from Saignelégiee JU, Rework from Bern and AgroSustain from Renens VD were also awarded a prize. ce/ww

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