Ladies Drive launches its own Founder Academy

Young female entrepreneurs can now apply for a free one-year scholarship Ladies Drive has a vision: to bring together and network women who want to make a difference. The founders Sandra-Stella (50) & Sebastian Triebl (45) have been working with what the hashtag #womensupportwomen promises since 2007, from day one.

For 10 years, the community based in Lutzenberg (Appenzell-Ausserrhoden) has been offering various formats for female founders - including the Female Innovation Forum. As the publishing house and its business clubs also bring together a large number of successful and influential women, the idea of its own academy was born years ago. Thanks to the Sisterhood, companies and personalities have now come together who were willing to support the Academy with their know-how. "It has never been important to us just to line our own pockets. We always wanted to reinvest in the community, to give something back. And that hasn't changed in the 18th year since Ladies Drive was founded. Time and again, we have sought out discussions and brainstormed ideas until we came up with a product that we are celebrating the launch of today: the Ladies Drive Founder Academy," says Ladies Drive CEO Sandra-Stella Triebl.

Who is taking part in the Academy?

Some of the most successful Swiss entrepreneurs, VCs and investors, lawyers, HR and innovation coaches as well as successful startup founders share their knowledge at the Ladies Drive Academy. Such as Gina Domanig, Roland Brack, Andrea Isler, Giada Ilardo, Léa Miggiano, Tatiana Duvanskaya and Melanie Winiger. Our strategic partners include the law firm Bratschi AG (with Elisa Aliotta, Sandra De Vito (Managing Partner) and the Bratschi Founder Academy team), the transformation and digitalization experts from emediately AG - Andrea Luder and Pia Uthmann - as well as the agency PRfact AG and its Managing Partner Mira Zawrzykraj.

What is new or different about this Academy?

The coaches accompany the founders in various online and offline courses over the course of a year. And free of charge. All young female entrepreneurs who founded their company less than 900 days ago can now apply. The strategic partner companies (PRfact AG, Bratschi AG and emediately AG and Ladies Drive) will then select the best 30 applicants from all of them, who will be allowed to start at the Academy from April 19, 2024. Never before has there been an academy that passes on all its knowledge free of charge with such concentrated community power and that is dedicated to one goal: helping others to succeed.

What is the aim of the Academy?

With our support, the young entrepreneurs should be able to build up their company as quickly and successfully as possible. And strengthen the Swiss location with their sustainable success. "We are also launching this Academy because we are convinced that the world needs people who shape our future with heart and mind," explains Sebastian Triebl.

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