Limmatstadt AG prepares for the next stage

Limmatstadt – Limmatstadt AG has largely renewed its Board of Directors. Its most important task is to secure funding after 2024. Urdorf has already agreed to double its contribution. The business associations emphasize the need for a regional location promoter.

As announced, Balz Halter has resigned as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Limmatstadt AG. Erika Fries, Peter Rauch and Franziska Schopp also stepped down at the Annual General Meeting on March 12 at JED Schlieren. "We want to make room for new forces," says Halter. The shareholders of the regional location promoter unanimously elected Lara Albanesi (Administrative Director of the Baden Kurtheater), the Mayor of Weiningen and Weytec co-owner Mario Okle and Jasmina Ritz to the Board of Directors. They will join Josef Bütler and Jörg Krummenacher. Jasmina Ritz announced her resignation as Managing Director of Limmatstadt at the end of 2024.

The new Board of Directors will primarily have to deal with financing. According to Balz Halter, expenditure amounts to around 600,000 francs, a third of which is for staff. The municipalities and the two cantons pay 200,000 francs, the economy 150,000 francs. Halter AG is responsible for the remainder, most recently CHF 250,000. His company will do this one last time in 2024, said the initiator of Limmatstadt AG.

Both politics and the economy are called upon to provide future funding. "We need regional location promotion," said Sandra Rottensteiner, Mayor of Urdorf. "We have to divide the financing in such a way that we can maintain the structures of Limmatstadt AG." Urdorf is prepared to double its contribution.

The Limmattal SME and Trade Association, the Spreitenbach Industry, Services and Trade Association (IDH), the Schlieren Chamber of Commerce and the Dietikon Industry and Trade Association support the further development of the regional location promoter. A joint vision, a performance mandate and a financial commitment from the new sponsors are needed, they write in a parallel statement. The organization should promote the economy and location, network the region internally and represent it externally.

Patrick Stäuble, IDH President and Managing Director of Shoppi Tivoli, emphasized the importance of a cross-cantonal offering. "We need an institution that looks beyond borders. Then the economy will be prepared to give money," he said on the podium.

The members of the Board of Directors are confident. "I don't have a recipe yet, but I have confidence that things will continue," said the newly elected Mario Okle. Josef Bütler, one of the two incumbents and former mayor of Spreitenbach: "I am convinced that we will still be around in 2025." ce/stk

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