Location funding provides information on artificial intelligence

Affoltern am Albis ZH – Around 250 guests attended a lecture evening on artificial intelligence (AI) in Affoltern. The event was organized by the location promotion agencies of the Canton of Zurich and Knonauer Amt. AI already plays a major role for a number of companies in the Säuliamt.

The Knonauer Amt location promotion agency and the Location Promotion of the Canton of Zurich hosted a lecture evening on the topic of artificial intelligence on January 25. Around 250 guests accepted the invitation to the casino hall in Affoltern, writes the Knonauer Amt location promotion agency in a press release. More information on the lecture evening entitled The robot - our new friend and helper? are made available there via a link to a report in the "Affolter Anzeiger".

"AI is already very important for some companies here in Knonauer Amt," Johannes Bartels is quoted as saying in the report. According to the Managing Director of Knonauer Amt, the Säuliamt is a "perfect location" between the economic centers of Zurich and Zug. The topic of AI therefore also plays a major role in the region. Here, location promotion aims to "offer a good ecosystem".

The event organizers had invited Stephan Sigrist, founder and director of the think tank W.I.R.E., among others, to speak. He explained the history and background of skepticism towards artificial intelligence and advised people not to let an AI dictate important decisions, "for example when choosing a partner or going to a restaurant". Nathalie Klauser addressed ethical issues surrounding the use of AI. The founder of the Intersections association was sceptical that artificial intelligence will succeed in overcoming stereotypes about skin color, sexuality or gender. ce/hs

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