Loft Dynamics enters into partnership with Dufour Aerospace

Dübendorf ZH/Visp VS – Loft Dynamics, a specialist in virtual reality-controlled flight simulators, is entering into a partnership with aircraft manufacturer Dufour Aerospace. A flight simulator for electrically powered vertical take-off aircraft is being developed jointly.

Loft Dynamics, the Dübendorf-based specialist in virtual reality (VR) controlled flight simulators, has announced a partnership with Dufour Aerospace, developer of tilt-wing aircraft. According to a press release , the two companies intend to jointly produce a flight simulator for the eVTOL aircraft Aero 3 (electric vertical take-off and landing) built by Dufour. The VR simulator developed by Loft Dynamics and approved by the authorities will be used. The product of this partnership, the Aero3 VR eVTOL simulator, is expected to be launched on the market in early 2025.

With this development, both companies want to meet the strong demand for eVTOL aircraft. The commissioning of the simulator is intended to close the current gap in eVTOL pilots and train more pilots.

"Our partnership with Dufour Aerospace is a major step forward in training a larger number of pilots at a time when operators need it most. It also lays the foundation for the future certification of our eVTOL simulator," Fabi Riesen, founder and CEO of Loft Dynamics, is quoted as saying in the press release.

Thomas Pfammatter, founder and CEO of Dufour, who has flown over 4,500 missions as a rescue pilot for Air Zermatt, explains that the VR flight simulator from Loft Dynamics is "by far the most realistic simulator I have ever flown". ce/eb

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