mühlemann+popp AG

Since 2010, mühlemann+popp has been working with entrepreneurial minds to develop, finance and technically implement innovative digital business models. Headquartered in Zurich, the company employs around 50 people in Switzerland and Eastern Europe. As a technology partner, mühlemann+popp helps to shape the innovation process and in many cases participates as a co-founder and investor in the newly emerging start-up companies. In doing so, mühlemann+popp draws on its many years of experience in the areas of business model development, processing large data sets, AI in cloud environments, technology consulting and the implementation of applications for mobile and desktop.

Since the company was founded, mühlemann+popp has been involved in shaping, implementing, and establishing over a dozen digital business models as founding partners in the market. These include the insurance broker platform Sobrado, the event management and photography solution evenito, the employee appreciation platform bontique, and the employee communication app StaffApp.

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