Nanoflex Robotics and Brainomix receive funding for collaboration

Zurich – Nanoflex Robotix from the Greater Zurich Area and Brainomix from Oxford will collaborate on the development of remotely controlled vascular interventions after stroke. For this, Nanoflex Robotics will receive 400,000 Swiss francs from Innosuisse and Brainomix will receive 400,000 pounds from Innovate UK.

Nanoflex Robotics and Brainomix, a spin-off from the University of Oxford, are receiving funding under the "UK - Switzerland Bilateral: Collaborative R&D" bilateral cooperation program. Nanoflex Robotics, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich founded in 2021, is being supported by the innovation promotion agency Innosuisse with 400,000 Swiss francs, while Brainomix is being supported by the British innovation agency Innovate UK with 400,000 pounds (438,000 Swiss francs).

Starting in 2024, the two companies will collaborate to develop an artificial intelligence-assisted magnetic navigation system for robotic surgical tools. The project aims to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to optimize Nanoflex Robotics' state-of-the-art magnetic robotic navigation system for the world's first remotely controlled application for the surgical removal of a blood clot from a blood vessel (thrombectomy), explains George Harston, M.D., chief medical & innovation officer at Brainomix, in a Media release from his company, «This is intended to transform stroke treatment options and improve outcomes for sufferers.»

Christophe Chautems, co-founder and CTO of Nanoflex Robotics, points out the fundamentally important time factor: «By providing better and earlier access to mechanical thrombectomies with our remotely controlled robotics platform, we hope to give more people the chance to live independently after a stroke.» ce/mm

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