New online platform for basic vocational training

Since March 2024, the Zukunft Zürich website has been providing companies with information and assistance on all aspects of vocational training. Interested companies are guided through topics ranging from the preparation of training plans and the acquisition of a training license to the completion of the apprenticeship and beyond.

The population forecasts paint a picture of growth. The number of people living in the canton of Zurich will increase by around a fifth by 2030, according to estimates by the Canton of Zurich's Statistical Office. The number of school leavers will increase accordingly. The associated increase in young people who need an apprenticeship poses challenges for the economy, politics and education.

Companies that want to train young people are needed to provide a sufficient number of apprenticeships. This requires a great deal of commitment and a willingness to give the skilled workers of tomorrow a chance. We are already well on the way. In the canton of Zurich, 4 out of 5 young people do an apprenticeship. And around 14,000 training companies offer apprenticeships. This makes vocational education and training a cornerstone of Zurich, Switzerland's largest business location - and it should remain so in the future.

The Secondary School and Vocational Training Office (MBA) is committed to ensuring that the willingness of training companies to provide training remains high and, above all, that new training companies can be recruited. This is precisely where the MBA comes in with the "Future Zurich" project.

The aim of Zukunft Zürich is to attract new companies to the training program and to support existing companies so that they can guide apprentices to a successful apprenticeship qualification.

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