Nexxiot partners with Coast

Zurich – Nexxiot and Coast Autonomous have entered into a partnership to improve port and rail yard operations. The aim is to offer faster handling and increase the efficiency, safety and security of ports and rail yards through artificial intelligence and sensors.

Nexxiot, a Zurich-based company specializing in the digitalization of shipping container and railcar fleets, and Coast Autonomous, Inc. from Pasadena, California, have entered into a strategic partnership. Coast is reported to be a leader in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for industrial applications. The collaboration between Coast and Nexxiot aims to improve the efficiency, safety and security of ports and rail yards, and enable faster handling and high-quality cargo processing, according to the statement from Nexxiot.

Coast uses fleets of self-driving vehicles for transporting crews, delivering equipment and materials, and moving shipping containers. Coast has developed a special vehicle known as the Harvester to provide real-time data on the precise location of shipping containers, trailers and cars. Nexxiot, a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), offers a network of autonomous sensors and analyses that provide insights into supply chain processes. The integration of data from Nexxiot's systems with Coast's vehicles will significantly improve transparency in ports and train stations, according to the statement.

“We are combining data streams in innovative ways. For instance, sensors can automatically request a Coast vehicle in response to an unexpected opening, providing real-time video data for inspection,” commented Nexxiot CEO Stefan Kalmund. “We will also use the partnership to offer precise location services to large ports and terminals, including the confirmation of rail car locations and container positions within stacks,” he continued. ce/gba

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