On opts for inventory drones from Verity

Zurich – On will use Verity’s fully autonomous inventory drones to manage its stock levels. Together, the manufacturer of premium sports shoes and clothing and Verity want to improve the efficiency and precision of On’s supply chain.

On and Verity have agreed to work together. Fleets of fully autonomous inventory drones from the artificial intelligence and robotics company Verity are set to change On's warehouse processes and optimize inventory management. According to a press release, the aim is to minimize stock shortages, incorrect orders and shrinkage throughout the entire supply chain.

Verity's inventory drones are currently used in over 80 warehouses of various customers worldwide, where they perform millions of fully autonomous inventory checks every month. Verity's fleet of drones is also already in use at an On plant in the USA, scanning products daily to ensure full stock availability for order processing. According to the information provided, it is already improving the key performance indicators there. As Verity states in the press release, its customers have seen an average reduction of around 1000 tons of CO2 emissions per warehouse per year.

Representatives of both brands emphasize that they share the same values, "especially the goal of providing an exceptional customer experience," says Raffaello D'Andrea, co-founder and CEO of Verity. "This synergy is further enhanced by our extremely robust systems with a reliability rate of over 99.99 percent."

Caspar Coppetti, co-founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of On, wants to "further improve the efficiency of our operations, become a more sustainable brand and take customer satisfaction to a new level by using innovative technological solutions such as those from Verity. The collaboration between two pioneering Swiss brands can only lead to an explosion of innovation!" ce/mm

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