Oxara AG

Oxara is an ETH Spin-off. Our products enable the reuse of construction wastes and the use of excavation materials that normally find no use. Circular economy is an important piece of the Oxara puzzle and has the potential to reduce sand and aggretate shortages worldwide. Oxara based building materials are 100% cement-free and unfired, what reduces the material-related emissions by 80-90% compared to conventional building materials. We offer solutions that have the potential to contribute significantly to achieving global climate and sustainability goals. Reusing construction “waste” is one of Oxara’s core values and all our products are designed accordingly. By using Oxara-based construction materials, 45% the materials formerly seen as waste, can be reused. By providing affordable and healthy building materials, Oxara is contributing to greater equality around the world and is part of a much-needed movement.

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