Planted brings vegan steak to the retail trade

Kemptthal ZH – Planted has brought the first fermented steak made from 100 percent natural ingredients to supermarket shelves. The texture and umami flavor also offer meat eaters a vegan taste experience with steakhouse quality. Many European restaurants have had it on the menu since 2023.

Planted Foods has developed the first fermentation-based plant-based steak. Following its successful launch in the catering trade, the vegan meat substitute is now available in the retail trade, according to a press release. In Switzerland, it is available from Coop, while in Germany it is sold in the Rewe grocery chain.

The steak is aimed at consumers who want to eat sustainably and still enjoy the taste of meat. The production process reduces CO2 emissions by 97 percent compared to the meat version. "This is a real turning point - not just for us, but for the entire industry," Lukas Böni, co-founder and member of the management board of Planted, is quoted as saying.

The plant-based steak has properties that were previously reserved for steaks made from animal raw materials. Production is based on a fermentation process, which leads to an unmistakable umami taste.

In line with the company's philosophy, planted uses only natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a special mixture of microbial cultures. The plant-based steak is characterized by a high protein and fibre content, contains micronutrients such as vitamin B12 and iron and has a low proportion of saturated fatty acids. ce/heg

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