Planted expands biotech site in Kemptthal

Kemptthal ZH – Planted has launched the first product from its new Whole Muscle platform, planted.steak. This latest innovation is based on a fermentation process that will enable further innovative products to be made from plant-based meat. Planted has built a new plant for this purpose.

Foodtech pioneer Planted presents its latest innovation, planted.steak. According to a company press release, this is just the first of many innovative products on the new Whole Muscle platform. At the same time, the company is also presenting the strategic expansion of its production capacities: a new fermentation plant at its site in Kemptthal.

To accelerate the Whole Muscle platform, the Innosuisse innovation agency awarded Planted CHF 2 million at the beginning of 2023 as part of the Swiss Accelerator program. This enabled Planted to launch its fermentation-based steak on the market just one year later. It is now on the menu of well-known European restaurants and an Austrian burger chain. The launch via D2C channels and in retail throughout Europe is planned for this year.

According to Planted, the use of fermentation technology enables it to "find new clean and healthy protein sources while improving taste and naturalness". "This overcomes the previous limitations of alternative proteins." The steak is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soy protein, rapeseed oil, bean and rice flour and a mixture of microbial cultures.

"We are proud to be one of the few innovators of plant-based meat that takes over all steps of the production process - from research and development to industrial production," says Planted co-founder Lukas Böni. "The additional new production facility enables Planted to make a very rapid transition from the pilot phase to industrial production." ce/mm

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