Pltfrm wants to redefine personnel consulting

Zurich/London – Will Lahaise and Chris Rowe have founded the recruitment consultancy pltfrm. The former head of UBS Recruiting and the EMEA head of a global recruitment consultancy want to shake up the executive search industry. Pltfrm also uses artificial intelligence.

Chris Rowe from Zurich and Will Lahaise from London have founded a next-generation recruitment consultancy. Their company pltfrm aims to redefine the executive search industry. To this end, the former EMEA head of a global executive search firm and the former head of UBS Recruiting are using artificial intelligence alongside human knowledge and judgment.

"Conventional selection procedures are used to find conventional managers," Rowe is quoted as saying in a corresponding press release from pltfrm. This approach is "no longer appropriate for many companies". Pltfrm incorporates a quantitative assessment of inclusive leadership and digital mindset into its selection processes.

"Diversity is crucial today," says Rowe. "Interestingly, the first four global leaders that pltfrm placed were all female." For the HR expert, inclusion is the "key to sustainable diversity". A single manager with a diverse background is not enough. "We help our clients to predict which candidate is best suited to building diverse teams," says Rowe.

The pltfrm office in Zurich is managed by Rowe, while the second location in London is headed by Lahaise. According to the press release, pltfrm's innovative approach has also been well received by large companies. According to the press release, pltfrm is already receiving an increasing number of mandates for C-level positions. ce/hs

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