Premiere of Canton of Zurich's «Location Day» Sparks Momentum

The Zurich Department for Economic Affairs organized the first «Location Day» (i.e. Tag des Standorts). Together with stakeholders from business and science, the Zurich government discussed ideas and measures on how the location can develop in the best possible way. The aim of the event was to promote dialog, develop measures for Zurich as a business location and create momentum together.

The attractiveness of the economic location of the canton of Zurich is based on the interaction of various elements: a diverse entrepreneurship landscape with an innovative start-up scene, an excellent research and educational environment, outstanding infrastructure, and a favorable regulatory environment. The government has set itself the goal of further strengthening the attractiveness of the Zurich location.

Panels and In-Depth Workshops

The event kicked off with a panel discussion on the Canton of Zurich as a business location. Economic Director Carmen Walker Späh and Finance Director Ernst Stocker discussed with Marc von Waldkirch, CEO of Sensiron, and Thomas Dübendorfer, President of SICTIC, how Zurich can further improve its appeal as a location for business and innovation. The second panel, featuring Health Director Natalie Rickli, Prof. Dr. med. Mazda Farshad, Medical Hospital Director of University Hospital Balgrist, Monika Jänicke, CEO of University Hospital Zurich, and Felix Huber, Chief Physician at mediX Practice Zollikerberg, focused on the medical landscape in Zurich and explored how the healthcare services, from primary care to advanced medicine, can be further improved. Subsequently, workshops were held on the following topics: "Technology Hub" with a focus on artificial intelligence; "Skilled Workforce Hub" aimed at expanding the talent pool; "Business Hub" addressing opportunities to enhance the attractiveness of the location; and "Mobility and Sustainability" with the goal of exploring opportunities for mobility arising from digitization. The discussions in these workshops result in proposals for various action areas. These are now being followed up in order to put the ideas into practice.

Study on International Location Attractiveness as a Basis for Discussion.

Preceding the «Location Day» was a study on the attractiveness of the Canton of Zurich conducted by the Department of Economic Affairs. The analysis examined various factors that significantly impact the economic location of Zurich and highlighted where the canton stands well compared to European competitors (education, economic strength, quality of life) – and where there is potential for improvement (job market, innovation, taxes, infrastructure). The «Location Day» used this assessment in the discussions and specified the need for action in the dialogue between business, science, and administration. Due to the great interest, the «Location Day» will be held again next year.

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