ReclaimTheFacts launches crowdfunding against disinformation

Dietikon ZH – The ReclaimTheFacts initiative is launching a campaign to fund a handbook to combat disinformation. ReclaimTheFacts initiator Peter Metzinger wants to uncover manipulative strategies and techniques of disinformation.

ReclaimTheFacts has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation and promotion of a groundbreaking handbook. According to the press release, this reveals the manipulative strategies and techniques of disinformation and is intended to contribute to increasing media literacy. In addition, the campaign, which was initially founded as an initiative by Peter Metzinger and has been registered as an association since 2023, aims to "build a community of active supporters who are committed to strengthening media and information literacy in their environment". Metzinger runs the consulting firm Mr. Campaigning AG, based in Dietikon.

The Handbook of Disinformation will go into detail about manipulative strategies and techniques and give readers practical skills to recognize and protect themselves from disinformation. Studies have shown that people who know these techniques recognize manipulation and misinformation faster and better. The effect can be compared to a vaccination against a virus, according to the press release.

ReclaimTheFacts invites individuals and explicitly also companies to participate in the crowdfunding or to support the initiative through sponsorship. The campaign aims to raise 3,000 francs. This sum will make it possible to finance the handbook and the associated activities in the fight against disinformation. ce/gba

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