Regional products benefit from good reputation

Zurich – Regional products can score points not only with their origin, but also with sustainable aspects such as animal welfare or fair raw material prices. Their turnover has increased by an average of 9% annually since 2015. These are the findings of a study by the Zurich School of Business.

Regional products are in great demand, writes the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration(HWZ) in a press release. Together with the market research company Link and the communications agency Jung von Matt, it has compiled a study based on a survey. According to the report, sales of regional products rose by an average of 9 percent annually between 2015 and 2022 to just under CHF 2.42 million.

Regional products are not only valued for their origin, but also as "social products", explains Stephan Feige, co-author and head of the Authentic Brand Management department at the HWZ, in the press release. More than eight out of ten respondents expect regional products to be produced with a high regard for animal welfare. A good third of respondents expect above-average commodity prices for farmers.

Almost nine out of ten respondents gave regional products a positive rating, with 71 percent stating that they buy regional products on a weekly basis. The study identified the bridging of geographical distances in supply and demand and the risk of false advertising as local products as a challenge. ce/hs

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