Scrona presents new multi-nozzle print head for 3D printing

Zurich – Scrona has unveiled the next generation of its multi-nozzle print head. The company was also able to acquire a convertible loan in the amount of 4 million dollars. It intends to use the fresh money to advance the industrialization of its technology.

Scrona, a Zurich-based micro additive manufacturing company, has unveiled the next generation of its multi-nozzle print head for electrostatic printing. According to a press release, the company, a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH), also secured a convertible loan of 4 million dollars. The capital is being provided by EquityPitcher Ventures, a venture capital company based in Zurich, as well as existing investors. Scrona intends to use it for the industrialization and commercialization of its novel printing technology, but also to prepare for the upcoming Series B financing round.

The application of the already patented electrostatic printing technology, which is used in the manufacture of semiconductors or displays, is intended to reduce production steps tenfold and at the same time significantly reduce material, energy and water consumption. The new GEN3 printhead platform will be launched with an 8-nozzle digital version, with a 128-nozzle version planned for this year.

"Scrona enables its customers to digitally print the impossible - on any material and on a large scale. This improves the speed, accuracy and cost of manufacturing the innovative products of today and tomorrow," Patrick Heissler, newly appointed CEO of Scrona, is quoted as saying in the press release. "We are very excited about the performance and potential of the GEN3 printhead platform, which will be delivered to the first customers this month." ce/eb

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