Securecell and DataHow work with Brits on cell research

Urdorf ZH/Zurich – Securecell and DataHow are working together on a British-Swiss project to promote innovation in the production of cell and gene therapies (CGT). The British partner is Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult.

According to a press release, the biotech company Securecell AG from Urdorf is part of a British-Swiss project to find solutions for the automation of bioprocesses and digitalization in the field of cell and genetic research. Innovate UK(iUK), the UK's national innovation agency, and Innosuisse are jointly establishing a project to promote innovation in the manufacture of cell and gene therapies (CGT), it is reported. The project consortium comprises Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult Limited in London, Securecell AG and DataHow from Zurich.

The project would support cutting-edge research and the development of life-saving therapeutics and accelerate their market launch. The aim of the collaboration is to systematically integrate a range of advanced process analytical technologies (PATs) into a gene therapy manufacturing process.

Seamlessly integrated with Securecell's Numera automated sampling platform and Lucullus process management system, these PATs will be available inline or online, providing real-time data for advanced process control.

All generated bioprocess and analysis data is immediately transferred from Lucullus to DataHow's innovative hybrid modeling software DataHowLab. This software will enable process development in the computer, facilitate extensions  and enable real-time predictions of future process conditions, according to Securecell.

Securecell is a member of the Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich. ce/gba 

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