Smart Parking – Best Practices for Image Recognition

The «smart parking» project launched in Frauenfeld (TG) constitutes an example of innovative use of artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise car park management in Swiss cities and municipalities.

Through use of image recognition developed by the ETH spin-off Parquery AG, this project enables parking occupancy to be detected and analysed efficiently as part of the Innovation Sandbox for AI. The technology, which is based on anonymised camera images, not only improves urban traffic planning, but also contributes to residents’ quality of life by reducing traffic caused by searching for parking.

Particular attention is afforded to data protection: privacy-by-design measures, such as use of low-resolution images, ensure that facial and number plate recognition is avoided and the protection of personal data thus guaranteed. This project demonstrates how modern technologies can contribute to overcoming urban challenges, offering valuable best practice recommendations for other Swiss cities and municipalities as well.

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