Squirro Forms Partnership with Adnovum

Zurich/Zollikon ZH – Squirro and Adnovum are teaming up for the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI). Adnovum wants to use Squirro’s technology to improve its digital solutions. Customers from different industries are to take a leading position in generative AI.

According to a press release, Squirro has entered into a partnership with Adnovum. The Zurich-based IT service provider intends to use Squirro's technology in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Retrieval Augmented Generation to improve its own digital solutions. The cooperation is aimed at customers from the banking, insurance, transportation, logistics and public sectors.

Adnovum offers various IT services and has more than 30 years of experience. Thomas Zangerl, CEO of Adnovum, is quoted as saying that the technical expertise of both companies will be used to put customers in Switzerland and Singapore at the forefront of the next generation of AI and advances in generative AI.

The AI-based technology solution for data research, insights and automation created by Squirro combines human intelligence with powerful AI. It enables companies worldwide to optimize customer relationships and operational processes.

"By integrating Adnovum's tailored digital solutions with Squirro's advanced generative AI technology, we are not only transforming business operations - we are pioneering a future where our customers excel in intelligent data usage and improved decision-making," said Dr. Dorian Selz, CEO and co-founder of Squirro. The partnership will lead to "unprecedented progress in service management and customer loyalty". ce/heg

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