Supertext combines human and AI translations

Zurich – Text service provider Supertext is merging with Textshuttle, a specialist for translations based on artificial intelligence (AI). Samuel Läubli becomes CEO of the company operating under the name Supertext.

The two Zurich-based companies Supertext and Textshuttle are tackling the future together. Supertext is an international text and translation service provider with offices in Zurich, Berlin and Los Angeles. Textshuttle offers translations based on artificial intelligence (AI). The merger of the two companies means that AIs are constantly learning from the linguistic expertise of the translation specialists and vice versa, according to a press release.

Supertext and Textshuttle will operate under their current names for the time being. A joint platform is to be created by the end of 2024. A transformative renaming to the name Supertext is planned. Samuel Läubli takes over the management of Supertext with immediate effect. Läubli completed his Master's degree in Artificial Intelligence in Edinburgh and his PhD at the Institute of Computational Linguistics at the University of Zurich. Textshuttle is a spin-off company of the University of Zurich, which Läubli co-founded in 2016. He was previously technical director at Textshuttle. Laura Fernández, former CEO of Supertext Corporate, and Lucas Seiler, former CEO of Textshuttle, will join the Supertext management team.

As an AI-based full-service language service provider, Supertext wants to work for companies throughout Europe. Translators have to translate the same or similar texts over and over again, according to the press release. AIs often make the same mistakes. Supertext now wants to seamlessly combine customer-specific AI translation models with professional human translations under one roof. According to Supertext, around 120 specialists from the fields of AI, linguistics, project management and security will work in the consolidated team in Zurich and Berlin. ce/js

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